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no guarantees

July 5, 2019

The opposite of an guarantee is risk.  Many of us are not a bit fan of risk.

Unfortunately most things in life don’t come with guarantees.  Which means we need to take some kind of risk.

What we consider “risky” is very personal.  For some it’s risking time, for others it’s risking money, for others still it’s reputation, it could be control or predictability.

With every decision we make, big and small, we consider the risks and then proceed.  We like to think that with more information we can make a less risky (aka more guaranteed) decision.  We like to think that making decision only about tomorrow or next week means more guarantee that things will work out. But the truth is, that in life there are very few guarantees. Maybe you will drop the brand new computer on the floor.  Maybe you will say yes to something and regret it,  Maybe you will say no to something and regret it.  Maybe you will buy the outdoor concert tickets months in advance and it will rain.  Maybe you will be the outdoor concert tickets a week in advance, thinking the weather forecast looks sunny for the concert day, and it will rain.

We can’t eliminate risk.  Life doesn’t come with guarantees.  We can’t guarantee we will remain healthy, we can’t guarantee someone won’t experience challenges, we can’t guarantee the weather tomorrow.

There are no guarantees. So we make decisions.  We take the risk.  And when things don’t work out as we hope (as sometimes they don’t), we make a new decision.  That’s life.

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