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we’re in this together

July 11, 2019

At one point, one part of the organization I worked for, shared a theme song entitled “we’re in this together”.  At the time the song was particularly powerful to me.  It was the idea of being connected to a group of people all working with same goals and outcomes in mind, that resonated deeply with me.

Years later, the title and that line have been popping into my mind a lot lately.  It’s the reminder that we all need each other.  We all are part of something together.  That together we are better.  That sometimes we are the strong one and sometimes we are the weak one.  That we all have gifts to share and we need the gifts of others to make things complete.  That we need to both offer and receive help.  That there is room at the table for everyone.

This need and this truth does not just apply to a project, or a committee, or a workplace.  In all of life, we need each other.  We’re all is this thing called life together.   And that’s the point.  And that the challenge.  And that’s the beauty.


Below are a few lines from the song by Ben Wright ….

we’re in this together

though it feels like you’re apart

we’re in this together

through this dark night of your soul

we’re in this together

we’re stronger when there’s more

we’re in this together

oh it’s hope we are fighting for

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One Comment
  1. Susan Barrington permalink

    Sure an excellent way of looking a things, we are all part of some group, even in our families.
    thanks forthis today Megan, love your writing and the thoughts. They continue to inpsire me.

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