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the only path to amazing runs directly through not-yet-amazing

May 26, 2013

I was recently reminded that if you aim too high, it can be difficult to get started.  As the person who shared this reminder wrote “if you set your bar at ‘amazing’, it’s awfully difficult to start.”  The road to success is filled with failed attempts.  Unfortunately, too often people fail to share about the bumps and setbacks that happen along the way.   Once the goal is achieved it is the goal that is celebrated, not the path to get there.   Research shows that the more times people try something, the more likely they are to succeed at some point in the future; as with each attempt at the goal things are learned that can be applied on the next attempt.

Maybe all of us could benefit from being more open and willing to share where we are at in any current attempt at achieving ‘amazing’.  Being open about our attempts, failures, small steps of progress and efforts let’s others know they are not alone in their endeavors.  It reminds us that nobody has it all together.  Which I think will only be more encouraging for everyone.  Because while amazing is the right ultimate goal, never forget that not-yet-amazing is a great place to start, because that’s where you are.  At least for now.

Sky Report at 10:00 – clear blue sky

Yarn Strands: the two blues

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